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Chi Nei Tsang

My belly, my core.

My organs  digest my thoughts and emotions along with my food.  My core keeps me strong, stable, and agile.



Everything is so intimately connected. There are many paths that can be chosen.  What's your next step in nourishing and caring for yourself? 

Supporting Self-Empowerment

Healing can be multi-factorial - it may take more than just treatments to realize a body-mind-life harmony.  It may require changes in diet, exercise, lifestyle, environment, relationships, and beliefs or even seeking additional support.  Time is taken to assist you in determining how to best support and heal yourself.

Personalizing Treatments

Humans experience many common symptoms throughout their lifespan yet each individual carries a unique history and a corresponding unique set of symptoms. ​Time is taken to understand you and your unique needs and multiple modalities are available to best address those ever-evolving needs.  


My body and mind vibrate - everything is energy.

By harmonizing my vibrations, I harmonize my life.

Treating Symptoms & their Roots

Treating symptoms is important to help you live more comfortably and enjoyably.  Yet, without treating the root of those symptoms they'll often just keep coming back.  Time is taken to understand what may lie below your everyday symptoms and address those roots;  often the deepest roots are old emotions and beliefs.

Nūma Breathwork

My breath is

a microcosm of my life.  

Through my breath,

I heal my mind and my body.